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A letter to listeners

Hello everyone. I’m Deron Triff, one of the creators of Meditative Story. I’ve dedicated my life to creating content that matters, and I’ve loved watching Meditative Story grow to a community of 300,000 people.

So many of you have told us that you depend on it every week. We’ve also heard from many of you that the corporate advertising takes you out of the experience. And so we’re putting corporate advertising on hold to run an experiment.

We believe it’s possible for the community that loves Meditative Story to support it. It's a leap of faith.

And so, we’d love you to become a founding Member of the community. You’ll contribute $99/year — about $8 a month. If that’s not possible for you, don’t worry. We commit that the podcast will continue to be free for everyone, thanks to those in the community for whom Membership is affordable.

We’re designing membership to delight you. When you join you’ll receive the Featured Gift you see below from an independent creator who matches our values. We will also curate for you 4 live events each year that we think will be unforgettable alongside other benefits.

Meditative Story is an ambitious effort. The series is expensive to create. If you want to see it thrive, please become a Founding Member.

Where this goes, we don’t exactly know. But I promise you, it will get more special over time – particularly for those of you who join early. This is a big step for the community, and we believe in it.

Warm Regards,

Deron Signature

Deron Triff
Executive Producer, Meditative Story

Member benefits

  • movie ticket

    4x Meditative Story virtual live events each year

    Beautifully creative evening experiences to help your transition to sleep.

  • gift icon

    Featured Member Gift delivered to your doorstep

    A life-affirming wellness product we curate from independent creators.

  • discount icon

    Discounts on curated, boutique wellness products

    Discounts from the online stores of member gift providers.

  • microphone icon

    Invitation to nominate storytellers for the show

    A direct line into our show producers to nominate future storytellers.

From listeners

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In the middle of the night when my mind races I always turn to Meditative Story. The calming voices, the beautifully written stories and the exceptional music lull me into a peaceful place, where at my core I know there is still truth and beauty in this world.”

About the featured Member gift

Tea Drops are organic, bagless whole leaf teas that are pressed into fun shapes. They melt in hot water like a bath bomb, except it’s super flavorful tea!

Our friend, Sashee Chandran, started Tea Drops to be the highest quality, unique tea experience that is environmentally friendly, convenient, and harvested organically — meeting the highest standards of Fair Trade. They truly bring the magic back into teatime.

Meditative Story and Tea DropsSashee Chandran founder of Tea DropsTea Drops Box and ProductTea Drop and Mug

If you become a Member now, we’ve agreed with Sashee that she’ll send to your home the Deluxe Sampler Set. It’s an assorted tea box of their top sellers, beautifully stored in a keepsake wooden box and includes 25 drops! 5 drops each of their best-selling organic Tea Drops:

  • 5 x Citrus Ginger
  • 5 x Rose Earl Grey
  • 5 x Sweet Peppermint
  • 5 x Matcha Green Tea
  • 5 x Blueberry Acai White Tea

Currently, the Tea Drops gift is only available to ship to Meditative Story Members residing in the US. All other member benefits are available everywhere.

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