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A letter to listeners

Hello everyone. I’m Deron Triff, one of the creators of Meditative Story. From my early years at PBS, to my more recent tenure at TED, I’ve dedicated my life to creating content that matters. Watching Meditative Story grow to a community of hundreds of thousands — the seekers, the compassionate, the warmhearted — is so profoundly fulfilling. It’s hard to put into words.

You’ve told us that you depend on the show every week. You’ve told us that you see your life reflected back to you in the stories, which is leading to substantial improvements in your own inner life. Afterall, narrative is how we make sense of our world. And when a transformative story causes us to reflect on our lives, it opens us up for new ways of being.

We’re committed to making Meditative Story impactful and meaningful — every single week, not only as a podcast, but also through exceptionally unique wellness products and experiences that we’re designing for the different needs and expectations each of you have. This all requires vision, and a willingness to invest, to take chances, to grow.

For those of you who seek a deeper experience with the Meditative Story community — or perhaps you simply feel compelled to support the series — we’d love you to become a Member. You’ll contribute $99/year (about $8 a month). Your membership provides you an ad-free version of the podcast (Meditative Story for Members), invitations to our live events series called The Wind Down, access to an audio bedtime experience called Sleep Song, among other benefits.

For everyone else, we commit to making the podcast free to you through the support of hand-picked sponsors. You can rely on us to be extremely selective about the organizations who underwrite the series. The sponsor messages will be constrained to 30 seconds at the top of each episode and a 90 second message after the closing meditation before the end credits. The companies who we invite to sponsor the series will be terrific, purpose-driven organizations with important ideas to share that we think you’ll value.

Meditative Story is an ambitious effort, rich in content that is thoughtfully and meticulously crafted with the goal of elevating human potential through storytelling. We’re still growing and learning every day, constantly looking for new ways to deepen the show’s impact – and it will only get more special over time. With gratitude for being on this journey with us.

Warm Regards,

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Deron Triff Executive Producer, Meditative Story

Member benefits

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    Ad-free feed of the Meditative Story podcast

    Listen to each episode of the series without any advertising interruptions.

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    4x Meditative Story virtual live events each year

    Beautifully creative evening experiences to help your transition to sleep.

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    Private feed of the new audio bedtime experience Sleep Song from Meditative Story

    We take the breathtaking melodies from each episode and create soundtracks that settle your mind, allowing you to drift to sleep.

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    Invitation to nominate storytellers for the show

    A direct line into our show producers to nominate future storytellers.

From listeners

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In the middle of the night when my mind races I always turn to Meditative Story. The calming voices, the beautifully written stories and the exceptional music lull me into a peaceful place, where at my core I know there is still truth and beauty in this world.”

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